Friday, February 2, 2018

Trump's Apparant De-Evolution: On The Drug War ...

Squandering Billions To Undermine Peoples' Health and Violate Human Rights,
in order to Protect Tobacco Cigarettes, Synthetic Monopoly Medicine,
and prop up wasteful "treatment" and prison industries

In April, 1990, Donald Trump was widely quoted for his opposition to the drug war.

MIAMI — Billionaire New York developer Donald Trump says that legalizing drugs is the only way to win the war against what he considers one of America`s most serious problems.
Trump blamed the country`s drug problems on politicians who ``don`t have any guts`` and enforcement efforts that are ``a joke.`` ``We`re losing badly the war on drugs,`` Trump told 700 people at a luncheon Friday. ``You have to legalize drugs to win that war. You have to take the profit away from these drug czars.``,4533445&hl=en

 MIAMI — Billionaire New York developer Donald Trump said the nation's drug enforcement effort is "a joke" and repeated his call for the legalization of drugs Friday during a luncheon held by the Miami Herald.

``We`re losing badly the war on drugs," Trump said.  ``You have to legalize drugs to win that war. You have to take the profit away from these drug czars.``

Tax revenues from a legalized drug trade could be spent to educate the public on the dangers of drugs, Trump said during a speech at the newspaper's Company of the Year Awards luncheon.

Yet within his 2018 State of the Union Address as the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump stated:
“We must get much tougher on drug dealers and pushers if we are going to succeed in stopping this scourge,” 

Indeed.  So who is going to go after the government and every official who has propped up this massive criminal drug market protectionist racket?

Trump's apparently sociopathic Attorney General Sessions fervently supports this criminal racket.

As have countless other political opportunists for over a century, starting with those corrupted figures initiating it, most notably this, within the U.S. Department of Agriculture and private groups as the American Medical Association and the American Pharmaceutical Association to protect markets for Tobacco Cigarettes, and Synthetic Monopoly Medicine?

See more articles about the U.S. government's criminal racket of the drug war within the April 2011 archives of my blog Freedom of Medicine and Diet.

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