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Ben Franklin and the Virgin Mary's Mom

Connected By A Rainbow - virtually -

Washington D.C. dedicated to the Virgin Mary

From Tupper Saussy - Rulers of Evil pp 257-258

Minerva, goddess of wisdom and the arts of civilization, with helmet and spear, points to an electric generator creating power stored in batteries, next to a printing press, while inventors Benjamin Franklin, Samuel F. B. Morse, and Robert Fulton watch. At the left, a teacher demonstrates the use of dividers.

A rainbow sweeps across the lower quadrant of the Dome of the Sky from Benjamin Franklin to a young boy wearing a Smurf-cap and a toga. The boy attends a goddess who reclines on a large horse-drawn reaper. She is Persephone’s mother Ceres, who was reconsecrated by early missionary adaptation as Anna, mother of the Virgin Mary. The golden boy is officially designated “Young America.” Although Brumidi has hidden the boy’s face from us, he deserves our careful scrutiny for one very important reason. Bearing the name “America,” he is the only element in the sacred national iconography that defines the character of the American person as perceived by government.  [Perhaps this represents Ben Franklin communicating to Ceres/Anna via "Young America" who represents the concept of freedom of speech via various forms of media whether Franklin's printing press, or today's blogs?]

And here, the Goddess Immaculately Conceived, the Dreadnaught Mary.  [Otherwise- the MOTHER OF WAR - MOTHER-WARRIOR].  Wearing the pentagrams and eagle headdress of Thomas Crawford’s statue atop the dome’s exterior, she mobilizes her sword and shield against a pack of fleeing sinners labeled “Tyranny” and “Kingly Power.” Jupiter’s mascot, the Roman eagle, glides just behind her clutching a bunch of thunderbolts in his talons. Innocent in her flowing scarlet cape, the Goddess is situated exactly beneath the deified George Washington, coming between him and the embattled viewing public gazing up from ground level. It is the graphic realization of Pio Nono’s Ubi primum, which decreed the Virgin Mary was “set up between Christ and his Church, always delivering the Christian people from their greatest calamities and from the snares and assaults of all their enemies.”

The eagle gliding behind Mary explains the otherwise inscrutable seal of the United States Justice Department, which contains a wingspread eagle surrounded by the motto “QUI PRO DOMINA JUSTITIA SEQUITUR” (“He who follows the Goddess Justice”). Persephone, or Minerva the Mediatrix, when judging the sinfully dead in Hades was called Justitia, or Justice. The “HE” of the Justice Department’s motto identifies the eagle, symbol of Rome. Rome follows the Goddess Justice – that is, the Immaculately Conceived Mother of God in her judicial capacity.

The Death of Angelo Francois Mariani 1 April 1914

The Death of Angelo Francois Mariani 1914 April 1

Occurred in this house.

Valescure - Villa Mariani
Saint-Raphaƫl, France

IIRC he died in the morning.

Chas Vermeulen Windsant, Amsterdam the Netherlands, had a spring 1978 epiphany about the April 1, 1914 death of Angelo Francois Mariani.

According to a letter I received from Michael Alderige of the Fitz Hugh Ludlow Libary in October 1987, Windsant had the initial idea in Spring 1978, of a book specifically about the April 1, 1914 death, and that such was strange for having a police report, as such were rare unless foul play was suspected.  The ambiguity of no obvious means of death such as a gunshot wound, and his obvious importance as the popularizer of coca, made me wonder if Mariani was poisoned- and by who?
I subsequently learn more by October 1987 upon contacting Michael and Michelle Aldrich, curators of the Fitz High Ludlow Memorial Library and founder of the early 1970s pro legalization of drugs other than Marijuana group Amorphia. He refers me to an article by a Walter Hefland with Mariani’s full name “Angelo Francois Mariani”.
And he sends me a letter, informing me of the birth and death dates of Mariani, and that a ‘Chas Vermeulen Windsant’ in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, developed an obsession about the Angelo Francois Mariani – Vin Mariani story in the Spring of 1978. In particular, he was interested in that spooky sounding April 1, 1914 dated death: that Windsant was planning a ‘quasi fictional novel on the death’. The death was strange for having a police certificate/report, perhaps suggestive of foul play. And in the absence of anything obvious as say a gunshot or knife wound, this is suggestive that Mariani was poisoned. 
 When I finally met Windsant (or his ‘twin’ brother- I never saw both together) in 1989 or 1990, he got cagey when I asked him about his Spring 1978 epiphany about Mariani and his death for such a ‘quasi fictional novel’, and if this epiphany occurred on the anniversary April 1, 1978; and attempted to deny his specific interest in the death. Yet Windsant would exclaim to me that Mariani was THE central figure, what I would define as the reincarnated Adam, Moses, Abraham, King Arthur or perhaps Benjamin Franklin. Take that together with a death only a few months before the outbreak of the so-called ‘Great War’, one can ask if it was a Camelot gone wrong scenario, something like a Masonic image of the M Figure and the broken column?  For those acknowledging reincarnation, look out for this couple [*], for a mandatory Camelot Ritual.
See more:  http://southmallblogger.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-angel-of-francesca-and-marialuisa.html
No further info yet on who else was in that house, nor any other deaths and/or other strange occurrences there at about that time.

Of course, for those that know the geo-political history of the wars being planned in advance, it was not a Camelot gone wrong, but rather assaulted.  That police report could be interesting.

Windsant's project later became focused upon the Angelo Francois Mariani/Vin Mariani story, and remains ostensibly bottled only to be released when the timing is right for maximum impact.

Symbolically the U.S. Harrison 'Narcotics' Tax Act that altogether banned products containing any amount of cocaine alkaloid without a non refillable prescription, was signed by President Woodrow Wilson on December 17, 1914- Mariani's 1st post death birthday anniversary, him being born in Corsica on that date in 1838.

Standing Up For Drug Policy Reform at the Center of the Universe

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Standing For Drug Policy Reform at the 'Center of the Universe'

Douglas Andrew Willinger;
born November 30, 1962, the 34th birthday of Jesuit Superior General Kolvenbach
Holding an empty bottle of VIN MARIANI created by the popularizer of Coca,
Angelo Francois Mariani; born December 17, 1838 died April 1, 1914

At the statue of Benjamin Franklin; born January 17, 1706 - died April 17, 1790

Facing 1201 Pennsylvania Avenue, the Heurich Building.  Built 1979-1981, as the headquarters of the law firm Covington & Burling.  Statue was placed there in 1982.

Its not just another law firm- its involved with representing big pharma and Tobacco (primary benificiaries of the anti cocaine hysteria to ban coca  that CONFUSES form of a drug) .  Indeed its THE firm historically coordinating the cigarette industry's legal strategies - and working with and advising drug policy related organizations as the Drug Policy Foundation/Alliance. See alsoand this.  

This is THE firm that morally needs to get to work legalizing products as VIN MARIANI
I say, the days of the ‘drugwar’ pharma-cigarette racketeering-extortion, initiated in the U.S. with the 1906 Food and Drugs Act's deviation from equal protection, are numbered.

I say let's have the Douglas Andrew Willinger "secret" plan to end it by the 100th anniversary of J.H. Covington’s Harrison Narcotics Act- enacted by a twisted U.S. congress and signed into 'law' by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson on December 17, 1914- the first post death birthday anniversary of Angelo Francois Mariani.

It was this law firm's very founder who assisted in the evolution of the food and drug laws cir 1908-1912, and which he subsequently upheld.

James Harry Covington

It was a scheme to supress Coca for the sake of a criminal mercantilism to protect Tobacco cigarettes which were the clear benificiary with clearly tremendous costs.

So I say, justice demands that Covington & Burling bring suit to end the drug war.

From Licit & Illicit Drugs, by Edward M. Brecher and Consumers Reports at page 230 showing upturns in cigarette use following the times of the 1906, 1914 and 1937 U.S. 'drug control laws'

Model Congress XIV March 31 - April 2, 1978
Model Congress XIV - New Rochelle HS - March 31 - April 2 1978

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Model Congress XIV March 31 - April 2, 1978

Held at New Rochelle High School, in Westchester County, New York
photos taken with my Minolta, Sunday, April 2, 1978

Model Congress XIV March 31, 1978

Fellow Legislators:

As we convene our 14th annual Model Congress, I feel it is important to look in retrospect at our founding ideals in order to properly set our goals for the future.

In recent years, with the radicalism of the sixties a mere memory, our nation has shied away from critical self-analysis and has embarked on a new course, one of complacency. This is not merely the ideology of the masses but also of our most powerful leaders. Perhaps this is due to a fear of strong government, so widely exemplified in our post Watergate era? The cause is immaterial; its cessation is of primary importance.

Our nation depends on rapid socio-industrial advancement for its economic base. How, in a government filled with proponents of laissez-faire, in a government afraid to take strong action because of a past generation’s unfounded fears of monarchial democracy, can we maintain ourselves as a bastion of the free world? Indeed, it seems the people who love democracy fear the only means for its continuation in our complex times.

You are the leaders of tomorrow, you are the generation of politicians that will be the deciding force of our great nation’s final status. As students of our government, you must learn the necessities and ideals for a democracy such as ours. You must learn the procedures of a legislature and the dealings of compromise. But most of all, you must learn not to be afraid of strong political idealism and leadership; indeed, you must propogate it.

Good luck and good debating.

Steven Sugarman
Miranda Olshansky

Russel and Angel

House of Representatives Republican Party

William P. Clarke - founder of NRHS Model Congress at far left
Steve Sugarman speaking next to Ari Rothman

1st Place Speaking Award Winner
Senate Republican
* Covington & Burling

New Rochelle High School
April 2, 1978

The school's Model Congress Club is the oldest and longest running high school level model congress in the country.

Model Congress originated at New Rochelle High School in 1964 when faculty advisor William P. Clarke sought an extracurricular outlet for bright students not engaged in sports.[16] Richard Nixon was the guest speaker at the club's first mock presidential convention in 1964.[16]

The club is focused around debating issues through the use of bills and parliamentary procedure. The club becomes a delegation when it debates in foreign congresses, both college congresses and those associated with the United Model Congreses. Each year the school holds a Model Congress weekend, hosting "foreign delegations" from other schools.

Model Congress, being a macrocosm of the government in Washington D.C., with the NRHS Model Congress XIV my first Model Congress, made the weekend of March 31 - April 2, 1978 my earliest portender of Washington, D.C. political dynamics.

Other Model Congress events I attended were one at a high school in Connecticut - IIRC the Edwin O. Smith H.S. in Storrs, CT - in the fall of 1978, the subsequent New Rochelle Model Congress XV, and that at Fordham HS in April 1979.

Jane 1971