Monday, July 16, 2012

Standing For Drug Policy Reform at the 'Center of the Universe'

Douglas Andrew Willinger;
born November 30, 1962, the 34th birthday of Jesuit Superior General Kolvenbach
Holding an empty bottle of VIN MARIANI created by the popularizer of Coca,
Angelo Francois Mariani; born December 17, 1838 died April 1, 1914

At the statue of Benjamin Franklin; born January 17, 1706 - died April 17, 1790

Facing 1201 Pennsylvania Avenue, the Heurich Building.  Built 1979-1981, as the headquarters of the law firm Covington & Burling.  Statue was placed there in 1982.

Its not just another law firm- its involved with representing big pharma and Tobacco (primary benificiaries of the anti cocaine hysteria to ban coca  that CONFUSES form of a drug) .  Indeed its THE firm historically coordinating the cigarette industry's legal strategies - and working with and advising drug policy related organizations as the Drug Policy Foundation/Alliance. See alsoand this.  

This is THE firm that morally needs to get to work legalizing products as VIN MARIANI
I say, the days of the ‘drugwar’ pharma-cigarette racketeering-extortion, initiated in the U.S. with the 1906 Food and Drugs Act's deviation from equal protection, are numbered.

I say let's have the Douglas Andrew Willinger "secret" plan to end it by the 100th anniversary of J.H. Covington’s Harrison Narcotics Act- enacted by a twisted U.S. congress and signed into 'law' by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson on December 17, 1914- the first post death birthday anniversary of Angelo Francois Mariani.

It was this law firm's very founder who assisted in the evolution of the food and drug laws cir 1908-1912, and which he subsequently upheld.

James Harry Covington

It was a scheme to supress Coca for the sake of a criminal mercantilism to protect Tobacco cigarettes which were the clear benificiary with clearly tremendous costs.

So I say, justice demands that Covington & Burling bring suit to end the drug war.

From Licit & Illicit Drugs, by Edward M. Brecher and Consumers Reports at page 230 showing upturns in cigarette use following the times of the 1906, 1914 and 1937 U.S. 'drug control laws'

Model Congress XIV March 31 - April 2, 1978
Model Congress XIV - New Rochelle HS - March 31 - April 2 1978


  1. .....and I hope they are numbered also the days of the secret which covers that satanic spider net of lines on Washington DC on Trieste and on only-the-Lord-knows what else:

  2. They are, with the proper approach to commandeering these legal resources for good.

    Just go to my blog 'Freedom of Medicine and Diet' and see all the articles about "Covington & Burling", particularly my April 1, 2012 prank mock interview with the currently a leading Food and Drug (and Insurance) attorney Marialuisa Gallozzi "assigned primary responsibility for advising the [Drug Policy] Foundation":

    Covington & Burling is a major nexus of power- located exactly at that 'center of the universe' area in the direct view of the Benjamin Franklin statute. See the links within the following:

    That my drug policy reform activities spotlighting the Tobacco mercantilism to pervert cocaine were squashed right after my 1992 panel appearance where I stressed this, and with my picture appearing in that December 1992- with me NEVER again being published by the DPF/DPA:

    Having Covington & Burling the lead firm for defending the Tobacco cigarette industry advising the DPF and other such groups -- particularly given the lack of diclosure about this relationship -- appears profoundly disturbing given the dynamics that anyone could see

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    To have many blogs means also responsability etc. It will probably re-opened when I'll develop what I have just in mind for it

  4. I'll keep my eyes open for its reappearance- and of your others.

    "Apparently Enemies" by the way is a great name!

  5. Simply I realized that one side is the pure architecture, roads, churches etc, another side is that immaterial invisible geometry of occult relations. The first is Novus Ordo Seclorum, the second is the blog Apparently Enemies. I've just in my mind the first post of the newly to reappear (I hope so!) Apparently Enemies. I must before to dismiss the actual topics 'infesting' ABE blog, which are distracting me from the analysis of local history from the perspective of the religious, political, cultural, artistical, etc. resistance against the Continuing Counter Reformation.
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    As regard the local chronicle, Slovenian one, the "war on drug" involves nearly exclusively the crusade on Marijana and is from day to day a more present in the media. I could open an blog only on this local phenomena, but it would be too much for me!

  6. I just noticed the contrail from just above Ben's head into that building- I had a freind snap this photo of me at this interection at the center of the universe.

  7. Funny how when I did the video of "Center of the Universe" that the car radio was playing those songs from 1971 "I Feel the Earth Moon Under My Feet" and "Ain't No Sunshine When Shes Gone"

  8. I have both of those songs in "Jane 1971"