Tuesday, April 1, 2014

German Secret Wonder Weapon Technology Used in 911

April 1, 2014:  Holograms with mass - matter manipulator/replicator or 'reconstitutor' - precursor to Star Trek replicator-transporter technology, designed by German scientists in underground flying saucer underground base beneath the Owl Mountains in Lower Silesia near current junction of Germany, Czechia and Poland, used in 911 to create the 'planes' that flew into the WTC Twin Towers complete with fuel, and to dematerialize portions of the buildings' core to facilitate their collapse.

This technology, combined with time travel capability to restore- 'reconstitute' things that had been destroyed.  For instance, lost libraries such as the Polish archives destroyed by Nazi forces in late 1944.  Hence this device would be the ultimate German wonder weapon to so bring back the physical things destroyed in wars.  As well as a changer of the world's economy, for instance drilling and mining obsolete by such matter replication, and of course as such things as gold.

Plus dairy and meat production.