Sunday, November 15, 2015

About Angelo Mariani's Villa in Valescure

where he died- April 1, 1914

information complied from the October 30, 2015 article at the French language Angelo Mariani blog

Was built in 1888.

Was initially named Villa Andrea, in honor of his daughter Andrea, born August 8, 1874, who died in April 1894.

Mariani apparently liked that French translation of the name Andrew, having given that name's male variant to his son Andre, who also died young, being born June 2, 1871, died April 1878- the same year of the death of his mother and wife of Angelo Mariani at the age of 31.

 Andre (Andrew) Mariani 1871-1878

According to the historian Jacques Chevillard, in September 1888, Sylvain Ravel and Henri Lacreusette architects are responsible for constructing Angelo Mariani, a villa in Valescure called Andréa located near the intersection of English words which dominates a vast park of ten hectares planted with many varieties of palm trees, camellias and oleanders.

Note that architecture.

In particular, that tower and its roof design reminds me of the New Rochelle High School building in New Rochelle, New York, U.S.A., constructed 1926, and designed by Guilbert & Betelle, Architects.

As the town of New Rochelle had been initially founded by French Huguenots refugees fleeing oppression by the Roman Catholic Church following King Louis XIV's 1685 revocation of the Edict of Nantes, a French style was selected for its High School.  This school building was expanded in an architecturally faithful fashion in 1931, before receiving non-faithful additions during the 1950s and following a 1968 fire. 

Such is an uncommon architecture within the U.S.A.

New Rochelle HS 1937

NRHS was actually constructed in two phases. The first, completed in 1926, comprised the bulk of the finished school, but the front facade was only the middle portion with the clock tower. The two wings containing the side towers were added in 1931. These additions were part of the original plan, and as such blend near seamlessly with the original structure.

For more photos of this intriguing High School building, particularly showing he original design of its rear side, obliterated by the subsequent additions, see the following link:

While New Rochelle High School was architectural compromised withe the demolition of its rear side, Villa Andrea Mariani was architecturally compromised by the loss of its peaked roof, and an application of light colored paint over its natural bricks.


Note the plague on the right pillar of the gate.

The villa entrance gate consisted of a bas-relief executed by Oscar Roty (no less!): The love in the arms of a nymph. This collector's item was unfortunately stolen by a dishonest way in the words of Ms. Michaud Emilia-Jeanin in an article in Var Matin published in August 1989 entitled: Villa André: the memory of Angelo Mariani.

The Villa incorporated numerous works of art.

In 1965, the villa Andrea sometimes called Mariani is sold. In the walls, you could still see in 1977 works of art in the form of copper plates embedded in the walls. On one of them, you could even be read a quote Emile Rochard as of 1898 Oasis smiling at the unreal dreams. Valescure is a sleepy park in the blue, true paradou, rocking rest safe haven which prolongs life and makes brief hours. There was also a magnificent polychrome ceramic low relief of 2,50 meters on 2,30 representing carriers of Javanese offerings made by Theodore River....
Inside :
First of all you could see two works by the sculptor and draftsman Louis Patriache Corsica. Is a beautiful picture entitled La Provence and a relief portrait representative Xavier Paoli. There were also several paintings of Jean Renié (View of Frejus) and Atalaya (Sancho and Don Quixote). Not to mention two busts made ​​by Jean Baffier called: The woman with mistletoe and Angela and a group together under the name: The vintage. Moreover, one could not miss the picture of Guillemet; Bords de Seine (around Paris). On the railing of the balcony facing the living room sat on a marble pedestal, the statue of Oscar Roty, still directed by Theodore River.

It would be nice to report that the house has been restored, and perhaps made into a museum.

Alas, people with bad taste had it demolished sometime during the 1980s, and replaced with a house of a far different type of architecture.

 However, a wall that was part of the original late 1800s construction, remains.
On this black and white photography, there are nine. At first glance, from left to right, one can easily distinguish first Uzanne Joseph and Oscar Roty. Then comes Angelo Mariani standing with his eternal cigar in hand. Before him sat on a small padded bench unknown. Who is he ? In the center, the wife of Jacques Mariani (Louise Laroque) and his mother at his side. Approaching the window, it seems we see the front of her domestic help and a child sitting in unidentified tailor. Finally the far right of the picture, we see Xavier Paoli, cousin Mariani. This photograph was taken in the years 1912-1913.

Upon the political destruction of the pharmacratic inquisition-drug war, Angelo Mariani's demolished building as Villa Andre and his facilities at Neuilly-sur-Seine, a western suburb of Paris, should all be constructed.