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About What Happened To Me In 2006-2007

Spotlighting the 'breadcrumb' indicators of political dynamics hidden in plain sight
via blogging about the abortion of the U.S. National Capital Planning Commission's 
proposed for Washington, D.C. Extending the Legacy  South Capitol Mall

Also see, October 2007 "Free Speech Beneath U.S. Homeland Security"

Above image - "Dr. Ronald K. Siegel, author Intoxication Douglas A. Willinger, Anthony Richard Henman, author MamaCoca" - URL:
The strange case to me happened, and the strategy of psychological encircling occurring to Douglas Willinger, researcher in the area of the transport road engineering [and the suppressed use of natural substances] where his coherence and faith to the truth dragged on him the terrorist arm of the shadow government:

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Jesuit- Ex Verizon CEO Denny Strigel on TeleCon Conspiracy to Subvert the 4th Amendment


Interview with Denny Strigl Jesuit Chairman of the Board of Trustees Canasius Jesuit College
On the Impending End Run Around the 1st Amendment via Subverting the 4th


Most people just don’t appreciate the potential

They say “what do I have to hide” or why would anyone be interested in their lives.

They don’t think. And they are increasingly obvious to history- and the political significance of he concept of the confessional? And thus can’t imagine the potential- namely to subvert the 1st amendment via a climate of fear.

We have all known people whom refuse getting involved politically, including refusing to attend demonstrations or join political organizations out of a fear of ending up on some list.

I’ve always wondered how anything every got done for the better by such attitudes. Frankly such attitudes disgust me. I say use it or loose it. Hence I write these blogs as a means of attempting to warn my fellow countrymen and others about the threat and show such by discussing political dynamics.


Yes, we are assembling the technology

We have already achieved the economy of scale. Thanks to modern technology plus a popular indifference following September 11, 2001. Never-mind the tremendous potential for abuse.

Look what we did to you back in 2006 after you started your first blog embarrassing the Roman Catholic Church by pointing out that conflict between that St Vincent de Paul Church and the NCPC proposed South Mall., and of course Nationals Ballpark Stadium which is our pride and joy, steered through CUA/Gontzaga and Jesuit Academy Board of Directors Tuohey through the law firm of Covington & Burling representing MLB which insists upon that particular stadium location, that was one of several options in a study PRE-dating the formal abandonment of the South Mall concept

We place a tap on your Verizon cell phone- voice and gps. That Verizon wireless salesman pitch about you the customer having control over the gps with an “off” switch- we lied. Yet we refused rescinding the claim that it was you that “broke the contract” when you ended it after we betrayed you.

We sicced a joint federal DEA local Virginia Fairfax narcotics squad on you August 5 2006 with an illegal search and seizure masked by a false claim that the police video was ‘just grey static’. We were so disappointed you had under 5 pounds, and that the search really was not legal, but got it covered up by rubber stamp Fairfax judge who refused to hear the testimony of the arresting officer, in a legal atmosphere of systematic boilerplate testilying. Come on now, just how many criminal narcotics busts in Virginia have that police boilerplate about a failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign and failing to single? Or how many involved some 5 or 6 police vehicles and 23 police, with 5 local Fairfax, and 18 “DEA”. Welcome to the age of the federal-local law enforcement “FUSION” centers- facilitating federally directed politically motivated law enforcement.

And as you’ve likely deduced we have many ways of reducing the potential impacts of what one may write upon the internet to expose us- namely drown you out in layer after layer of clutter. Just look at the way we run the media with their endless harping on even the lamest stories – remember the John Carr fluff in the weeks just after we ambushed you? Or the way magazine after magazine continue to put the face of Kim Kardashian or one of her sisters on the cover as if they merited it truly?

Or look at the number of people devoting their off of work time to watching other people play some or another sport.

Its all about distraction.

Just look at the article in today’s New York Time- we telecommunication companies are guilty of conspiracy to subvert the 4th amendment. We need to have our asses sued seriously, otherwise were going to continue, along with the counter reformation, as can be expected from a traitor as myself affiliated with the filthy Jesuit Order which has infiltrated and rotted out the governments of the world.

Get the people to accept government expansion without adequate oversight. End run around the separation of powers by the permeation- subversion of the powers like a fist hidden within a visible glove.

Get them to focus upon some exterior epidermises while overlooking that fortress of the counter reformation on the Potomac.

We are the Jesuit Order- the Society of Jesus devoted to harping minds to our benefit.

Wait until our pentagon develops miniature insect sized drones.


Virginia is notorious for boilerplate testilying designed to end run around the 4th Amendment.

Try researching how many of their prosecutions rely upon police claims of the mark failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign and making a right turn without using their turn signal?! 

Such lying may be a felony under that jurisdictions' laws.

Yet courts in Virginia allow this systematically, including that of the police video being inoperable, producing "gray static".

Added note: in 2006, the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia was Jesuit affiliated Tim Kaine.]

2012 - April 1 - South Mall Blogger

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Mass Media Lying To Continue The Drug War/Pharmacratic Inquisition

Lie about opiates to continue the drug war, even as more jurisdictions legalize Marijuana.

Use a new scare word, scare phrase: "opioid" and "opioid epidemic".

Never-mind that "opioid" is an obscure word previously found only in a few medical journals to refer to totally synthetic opiates

Never-mind that the same press that is obsessing about an "opioid epidemic' rarely or never uses the term epidemic with Tobacco despite Tobacco claiming some nearly half a million shortened deaths annually just within the U.S.

Lie to make the problem worse.

Lie that the "epidemic" is largely or primarily fueled by licit prescriptions, ignoring that the overwhelming majority do not go on to becoming addicts to either the pills nor heroin

Ignore that most of the deaths involving pills is with taking them in combination with certain other drugs such as benzos as Valium.

Ignore the sharp rise in overdoes fatalities from contraband heroin that is adulterated with far stronger synthetics as fentanyl and carfentanil which is meant for elephants, particularly with the sharp rise in such overdoes in 2014-1015.

Ignore the insult to pain sufferers, and ignore the problems with non opiate pain medications, such as Tylenol induced liver damage.

Lie to bring about more restrictions upon prescribing pills of measured, consistent guaranteed potency, so that people instead go to contraband powders of highly variable potency, as if that is somehow serving people's safety. 

We have a 1st amendment, so we can not prosecute "journalist" sell-outs as talking-head Tucker Carlson for lying.

Why not prosecute the politicians who fail to allow adults to purchase opiates OTC, denying opiate users and addicts the equal protection of the law given to nicotine users/addicts, and instead giving more of the market to contraband adulterated "heroin", and those pushing this political campaign to even further restrict prescriptions?

Charge them with restraint of trade/anti-trust and even murder.