Friday, February 16, 2018

The Obama Painting Foretold?

While cleaning out my family's house garage, I found a copy of the November 19, 2012 Newsweek magazine, featuring an unusual juxtaposition of images.

The magazine's rear cover is turned back, thus showing me this photograph of this comedian, Rob Delaney, standing in front of and partially obscured by leaves.

I then look at this magazine issue's front cover and see an artist's rendition - painting - of then President Barack Obama, behind the title of an article "The Obama Conquest Lucky General or Master of the Game?" by Daniel Klaidman.

This is the cover.

It is one thing to see a magazine with a cover illustration of a U.S. President in a style reminiscent of illustrations of some other political figures, whether heads of state or military figures: standing in a uniform reflecting some sort of military-strategic genius.

But it is something even more-so to see such a magazine, featuring such an image on its cover, that also features an image of someone, particularly upon its rearmost internal page, in a style that the political figured shown on the front cover, would eventually have his official painting so rendered.

Did Obama, in seeing this magazine back in 2012, have it influence his decision of the style of his official portrait- painting, which would be unveiled in early 2018?

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