Friday, July 31, 2015

How About A Boycott Of Home Depot Over Support of Pro Pharmacratic Inquisition N.J. Gov Christie for U.S. President

Chris Christie strongly supports the pharmacratic inquisition, notably that against people for Cannabis- so why is the co-founder of Home Dept supporting Christie?

Is not it long over due that people within the United States of America  far more attention to those culpable for promoting such poor quality political candidates?

Ken Langone

Estimated net worth: $2.7 billion

How he made his money: He co-founded Home Depot.

Who he's backing: Chris Christie. The New Jersey governor is lagging in early polls and has watched some of his wealthy backers sign on with other candidates. But Langone, who tried to coax him into the presidential 2012 race, remains firmly in his corner. He told the Wall Street Journal that he was a "one-trick-pony" for Christie in 2016, so if he doesn't run, Langone may sit out the primary season.