Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunset 12 23 12 - in California.

My mom and I observed this sort of sky in New York the previous day 12 22 12, of a mass of dark clouds wth an especially brillant lighting from behind.

Monday, December 3, 2012

WILLINGER Paternal Ancestral Info

My Paternal Great Grand Parants Sam and Yetta Willinger cir 193-1940

About my paternal great grandfather, the father of my paternal grandfather Louis Willinger, Samuel or Soloman [sp?] Willinger, born in Czestochowa, who sailed from Hamburg, Germany to Glasgow, Scotland, on his way to America in 1886, thus passing through the two nations that largely consist of my maternal ancestry,

Hey Doug,

Check this out. Pretty interesting. This was a message I got through Can you confirm any of this? Ask dad. Thanks.


Byron, I have been working on the Jewish Czestochowa Willingers for some time. My mother was Belle Willinger from Cleveland. After I got most of my known immediate family, I picked some (but not all) NY Willingers and worked up their families. About 4 months ago I joined the Czestochowa Radomsko Area Research Group (CRARG). I have built the family tree from about 1780. There are problems in following the lines from Poland to America, but I was able to find the proper place for
most of the selected NY families.

Sam and Yetta were a notable exception. I recently had a break through on this conundrum when I found a Hamburg departure manifest for Salamon Wilinger from Czestochowa.

He sailed from Hamburg on 18 May 1886 to Amerika via Hartlepool (Glasgow). He was born in @ 1860 and was a tailor. Solomon, a tailor, lived at 192 Broome St in 1888. This fits the description for Sam, and I am pretty confident in that. I have not found a NY arrival manifest because the Hamburg departing ship did not cross the Atlantic.

I think that Sam/Salomon is the son of Lejbus aka Lewek Wilinger born in 1858. [typo- the date is too late as the father of someone born about 1860]

In that case, he was a younger brother to my Great GF Abram. There are other candidates for Salomon, but this birth year is the closest to the years Sam used in the US documents.

There is a Bronx death certificate for Sam Willinger dated 8 Oct 1943. Birth year calculates to about 1874-5. His age could be wrong, [likely, as his son, my grandfather Loius Willinger was born in 1900 as the secon to last chld, with his oldest sibling born cir 1890] or it might not be the right Sam, but it probably is the right one. He was living in the Bronx with Yetta and his niece Betty Appelbaum in the 1940 census. (Leiser Willinger {Sam's first cousin in my tree} and his wife Ester sailed from Hamburg on the same day but on a different ship.) I was able to find much of the rest of your family. So we are third cousins. There were 3 other major branches of the family, each headed by a brother to Lejbus: Icyk Mosiek, Salomon, and Mordka. Lejbus was the youngest, born in 1830.

I have not finished my work, but I feel the need for a break. I have saved it as a pdf, and I will email it to you for your review and amendments, if you like.

On a Jewish geography note: I guess you are a screen writer. I went to Brandeis with the father of Marc Bomback.