Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ben Franklin and the Virgin Mary's Mom

Connected By A Rainbow - virtually -

Washington D.C. dedicated to the Virgin Mary

From Tupper Saussy - Rulers of Evil pp 257-258

Minerva, goddess of wisdom and the arts of civilization, with helmet and spear, points to an electric generator creating power stored in batteries, next to a printing press, while inventors Benjamin Franklin, Samuel F. B. Morse, and Robert Fulton watch. At the left, a teacher demonstrates the use of dividers.

A rainbow sweeps across the lower quadrant of the Dome of the Sky from Benjamin Franklin to a young boy wearing a Smurf-cap and a toga. The boy attends a goddess who reclines on a large horse-drawn reaper. She is Persephone’s mother Ceres, who was reconsecrated by early missionary adaptation as Anna, mother of the Virgin Mary. The golden boy is officially designated “Young America.” Although Brumidi has hidden the boy’s face from us, he deserves our careful scrutiny for one very important reason. Bearing the name “America,” he is the only element in the sacred national iconography that defines the character of the American person as perceived by government.  [Perhaps this represents Ben Franklin communicating to Ceres/Anna via "Young America" who represents the concept of freedom of speech via various forms of media whether Franklin's printing press, or today's blogs?]

And here, the Goddess Immaculately Conceived, the Dreadnaught Mary.  [Otherwise- the MOTHER OF WAR - MOTHER-WARRIOR].  Wearing the pentagrams and eagle headdress of Thomas Crawford’s statue atop the dome’s exterior, she mobilizes her sword and shield against a pack of fleeing sinners labeled “Tyranny” and “Kingly Power.” Jupiter’s mascot, the Roman eagle, glides just behind her clutching a bunch of thunderbolts in his talons. Innocent in her flowing scarlet cape, the Goddess is situated exactly beneath the deified George Washington, coming between him and the embattled viewing public gazing up from ground level. It is the graphic realization of Pio Nono’s Ubi primum, which decreed the Virgin Mary was “set up between Christ and his Church, always delivering the Christian people from their greatest calamities and from the snares and assaults of all their enemies.”

The eagle gliding behind Mary explains the otherwise inscrutable seal of the United States Justice Department, which contains a wingspread eagle surrounded by the motto “QUI PRO DOMINA JUSTITIA SEQUITUR” (“He who follows the Goddess Justice”). Persephone, or Minerva the Mediatrix, when judging the sinfully dead in Hades was called Justitia, or Justice. The “HE” of the Justice Department’s motto identifies the eagle, symbol of Rome. Rome follows the Goddess Justice – that is, the Immaculately Conceived Mother of God in her judicial capacity.

The Death of Angelo Francois Mariani 1 April 1914


  1. Also the symbol of French revolution is a woman:



  2. Hmm. French:

    She appeared to me as Norman – an ethnicity found in Norway, the U.K. and France – and could have passed for French. Round faced. Big eyes. Beautiful expressive smile. Brunette. Straight hair, medium brown with an occasional blond strand. A page boy hair-cut...

    I inquire about this 'mystery girl' and am told a sufficiently different and far longer and multi syllable name than ‘Jane’ to dissuade me that this was the same girl. This gal too, looked Norman, but with an Italian surname: an ethnic blend that could be called 're-constructed French'


  3. The meaning of the name Anne is 'Grace; favour'.


    And of course also see: