Monday, April 1, 2013

Bloomberg- Put the Coca Back in Coke

Bloomberg: We’re going to demand that Coca-Cola, Pepsi and others go back to their original formulas including cocaine, preferably with whole coca extract but even with moderate augmented doses, such as products as Pastilles and Elixir Mariani

You made an excellent point in your blog Freedom of Medicine and Diet about the effect of isolated ingredients, white powder sugar and cocaine, that is sugar and cocaine that is isolated rather then part of a parent extract. Another of course is the cocaine anesthetic inhibit-er factor, which together with the slow yet effective absorption; largely explain the successful use of coca to treat addictions to opiates, alcohol and tobacco.

As a start I am calling for eliminating that odious reminder of this crass mercantilism by banning the public retail display of Tobacco products. No longer must that stare at us from behind the cashiers. But we need to go to the higher up sources, the United nations and the U.S. Federal government to end this crass agricultural market protection (mercantilism) represented in law by the ‘Controlled Substances Act’. I’ll need to publicly greet and accompany Bolivia’s government, particularly Evo Morales to the U.N., and to the White House.

Also, I am calling for the construction of a trio of superhighways- (1) the I-287 loop (including new TPZ spans with lower decks for rail, the ultimate construction of a parallel rail line extended via a Cross Sound tunnel and or bridge, and a Sunrise Highway corridor tunneled highway, with a Cross Brooklyn linear city variant with multi-model Cross Harbor Tunnel to I-78 in New Jersey);(2) the extension of the Cross County Parkway corridor upgraded and extended from I-95 via land tunnels to New Jersey via a Yonkers Bridge; and (3) the completion of I-95 in western New Jersey to the south-east corner of I-287. Those last two projects would provide valuable relief to the GW Bridge and to the Cross Bronx Expressway., while the I-287 for Long Island providing 2 additional much needed evacuation routes.

None of this ought to be criticized as excessively pro automobile, and much of these new highway miles provide the opportunity for relatively low added cost rail, such as the example of the current TPZ spans eschewing a $200 million for the design with the substructure for the lower deck, with no such cost benefit analysis by the EIS. Additionally we should do some spot improvements. These include an added lane from the Clearview to eastbound GCP to southbound Belt Parkway, and extending the 4th lane of I-95 in the Bronx an extra ½ or 3/4s of a mile to Co-Op City, with geometry improvements to the southbound side.

In a broader sense we need spot improvements of the upgrading and covering of certain transportation corridors. One that comes to mind is the segment of the I-87 Major Deegan Expressway (MDE) in the north Bronx near the traditional site of the Stella Dora bakery, with the adjacent abandoned railroad corridor. Planning should update the existing 2 X 3 eleven foot wide travel lanes with varying degrees of shoulder if any, to 2 X 4 minimum (except through the I-95 interchange where it could be re-striped to its originally intended 2 X 3 from the current 2 X 2), with 12 foot lanes and at least a 10 foot right-hand shoulder. Project to so upgrade that MDE segment would be staged with projects addressing other MDE segments. This to be done proactively. Not passively with real estate development chocking off the highway while making it less feasible to mitigate the freeway.

Also I like the idea of more 1st street tunnel solutions applied elsewhere, like beneath the parallel cluster around 29th Street. Those streets could take a two lane plus some shoulder wide tunnel design, and there are plenty of such streets providing such an environmentally most sound re-intensified use of existing right of way, and not an new swath open cut of something as the Cross Bronx Expressway.

Yes, as nice as it is to have private jets, politicians need to concern themselves with the up-keep and the expansion of the road network.

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April 1, 2013


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