Sunday, August 6, 2017

Mass Media Lying To Continue The Drug War/Pharmacratic Inquisition

Lie about opiates to continue the drug war, even as more jurisdictions legalize Marijuana.

Use a new scare word, scare phrase: "opioid" and "opioid epidemic".

Never-mind that "opioid" is an obscure word previously found only in a few medical journals to refer to totally synthetic opiates

Never-mind that the same press that is obsessing about an "opioid epidemic' rarely or never uses the term epidemic with Tobacco despite Tobacco claiming some nearly half a million shortened deaths annually just within the U.S.

Lie to make the problem worse.

Lie that the "epidemic" is largely or primarily fueled by licit prescriptions, ignoring that the overwhelming majority do not go on to becoming addicts to either the pills nor heroin

Ignore that most of the deaths involving pills is with taking them in combination with certain other drugs such as benzos as Valium.

Ignore the sharp rise in overdoes fatalities from contraband heroin that is adulterated with far stronger synthetics as fentanyl and carfentanil which is meant for elephants, particularly with the sharp rise in such overdoes in 2014-1015.

Ignore the insult to pain sufferers, and ignore the problems with non opiate pain medications, such as Tylenol induced liver damage.

Lie to bring about more restrictions upon prescribing pills of measured, consistent guaranteed potency, so that people instead go to contraband powders of highly variable potency, as if that is somehow serving people's safety. 

We have a 1st amendment, so we can not prosecute "journalist" sell-outs as talking-head Tucker Carlson for lying.

Why not prosecute the politicians who fail to allow adults to purchase opiates OTC, denying opiate users and addicts the equal protection of the law given to nicotine users/addicts, and instead giving more of the market to contraband adulterated "heroin", and those pushing this political campaign to even further restrict prescriptions?

Charge them with restraint of trade/anti-trust and even murder.


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