Thursday, June 8, 2017

10th Anniversary Of My Blog Continuing Counter Reformation

The tip off of the strange silence
regarding the abortion
of what would have been Washington, D.C.'s "South Capitol Mall"
to the hidden political power of Rome,
which led me to start my political power expose blog 10 years ago today:
"Continuing Counter Reformation"

In 2006, following my experience suggestive of an overly powerful Roman Catholic Church over and through the U.S. government, for daring to write about this which was totally ignored in the U.S. by its media and "environmentalist" organizations, I began to do further research – thanks to the internet -- upon the general topic of this infiltration and subversion of our governments, and discovered the Vatican’s military-strategic subsidiary – the Jesuit Order.

I discovered Tupper Saussy’s book Rulers of Evil, which I highly recommend, about the Vatican-Jesuit fist within the glove of the U.S. government.



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