Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1, 2013


Index of the Douglas Andrew Willinger - 'South Mall Blogger' 2013 edition 
April 1 "Interviews"

South Capitol Frederick Douglas Mall-
King Juan Carlos - An Admission its a White Elephant - Nationals Stadium

A Trip Within The Beltway-
Interview with Donald Trump- Politicians should have a 'paper' trail of their writings

Continuing Counter Reformation-
King Juan Carlos at South Capitol Mall

Cosmobile Cosmopolitan Transport-
John Norquist - ghost written by Douglas Andrew Willinger

Freedom of Medicine and Diet-
More on the Drug Policy - Covington & Burling Connection -
'interview' with 'assigned to take primary responsibility for advising the [Drug Policy] Foundation' Marialuisa Gallozzi of Covington & Burling

South Mall Blogger
N.Y. Mayor Michael Bloomberg on coke in our cokes
and much needed road network improvements

South Mall Blogger April 1, 2012

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  1. Strange how the blog preview fails to list the Covington & Burling 'interview'

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    Cosmobile Cosmopolitan Transport
    Build it Over - By John Norquist - Congress for Rational Urbanism – ghost-written by Douglas Andrew Willinger April 1, 2013 Freeways like anything need to be well thoug...
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    Continuing Counter Reformation
    King Juan Carlos - At South Capitol Mall - *Link- SCSFDM blog- 4-1-2013 king juan carlos 'interview'* Come see how it could have been claimed that we did what we did to get your goat, and spur y...
    3 hours ago
    A Trip Within the Beltway
    To Trump- Politicians Should Have a Paper Trail of Their Writings - and not get so fooled by the concept of ghost writing Cos-mobile April 1, interview about the sorry state of infrastructure and politics *DA- *Glad to h...
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    South Capitol Street Frederick Douglass Mall
    Yes, its a Boondoggle- White Elephant Nationals Stadium - Interview of Spain's King Juan Carlos - April 1, 2013 *King Juan Carlos- (KJC) Yes, Douglas Andrew, we were setting up the ancient order regarding this ab...
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    Freedom of Medicine and Diet
    Licit & Illicit Drugs Missed the Connection - The book that provides this telling picture of what the drug war did for cigarettes, misses the agricultural mercantilism repression of Coca, for the ...
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    Free Speech Beneath US Homeland Security
    Dear Mr. Bush & Mr. Cheney - * Tomas Young* An Iraq War veteran who joined the U.S. Army...
    1 week ago
    Demolition Specials
    Demolition Specials - Real estate development in contempt of the public right of way- so situated to block and/or pinch existing and/or logical corridors.
    1 year ago
    Save the Capital City
    Benjamin Franklin's Mysterious SunFire - This intersection marks *the most profound secret of Washington, D.C*., according to the book "The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital: The Maso...
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