Sunday, April 1, 2012

2012 - April 1

South Capitol Street Frederick Douglass Mall
- Interview with King Juan Carlos on the South Mall cancellation as an indicator of Washington, D.C.’s political significance hidden in plain site

- "You have this pretty city, this beautiful Capitol and its nearby surrounding greens. It is centered on this rotunda upon a hill facing a solitary western mall. It has this unique street grid known as the “Enfant Plan”. That features not only North, South and East Capitol Streets, but also diagonals, particularly Maryland and Pennsylvania Avenues extending southwest and northwest respectively from this rotunda, the latter forming the Federal Triangle. The Place has some serious symbolism, yet most people in the U.S. have comparably little grasp of the situation".

Sure they see it as a place of corruption, yet as Their Democracy. They acknowledge vaguely a baleful political mass “inside the Beltway”, which they can vaguely attribute to greedy ambition, yet look no further as to its origins, and thus are continually mis-lead, by trusting institutions over truth. They figure that something must be true because it’s repeated so much through *established* mainstream media rather than actually making sense. But the have no idea why, for being taught that questioning the political dynamics flatteringly as “conspiracy theorist”, never-mind that “conspiracy” is a perfectly valid concept and statutorily defined offense which courts routinely sentence people for such conspiracies as say steering a person to a low level street contraband merchant for say a $40 bag of cocaine powder. But we are to be supposedly embarrassed for pondering conspiracies any larger- please? That’s the self-guilt out to get people to do nothing

They see the ogles and ogles of Grecho-Roman-Masonic architecture. Yet they fail to see the significance, assuming its is so for being pretty rather than blatantly representative of the continuing ancient regime.

Free Speech Beneath US Homeland Security

- Jesuit- Ex Verizon CEO Denny Strigel on TeleCon Conspiracy to Subvert the 4th Amendment - Interview with Denny Strigel Jesuit Chairman of the Board of Trustees Canasius Jesuit College On the Impending End Run Around the 1st Amendment via Subverting the 4th.
- "We have already achieved the economy of scale. Thanks to modern technology plus a popular indifference following September 11, 2001. Never-mind the tremendous potential for abuse".

A Trip Within the Beltway
Takoma Railside Development to Be Demolished
- "We need to stop letting the Masters of Catholic University of America be the tail that wags the dog, and build the I-270/I-95 Grand Arc Mall Tunnel" - Ray LaHood

Continuing Counter Reformation
King Juan Carlos and the South Capitol Mall
- "Canceling that NCPC South Capitol Mall was surely a stupid move that revealed our corrupt political domination and bad taste"

Cosmobile Cosmopolitan Transport
Trump on U.S. Decline - Interview with Donald Trump Our Infrastructure Paralysis- Portender of Our Ultimate Defeat By China
- "The U.S. is vital to the Western World, yet is being subverted with the idiocy of the anti-Westway type “progressives” oblivious to the true elephants in the living room…"

Freedom of Medicine and Diet
About the Drug Policy - Covington and Burling Connection - An Interview By The Federal Triangle: About Appearances of Conflict of Interest with Covington & Burling’s pro-bono advisement relationship with drug policy reform organizations
- “As the attorney ‘assigned to take primary responsibility for advising the [Drug Policy] Foundation’ of this pro-bono program of this major food-tobacco-pharma industry law firm, I have an obligation to the public and to Covington & Burling to make myself available to answer questions regarding this pro bono relationship with the Drug Policy Foundation- now Drug Policy Alliance and other such organizations dedicated to reforming the laws regarding the now illicit drugs. Particularly at a time of this “Fast & Furious” controversy regarding a government program under U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, to flood illicit gun markets in order to better arm the various drug gangs so they may shoot and kill more people, including U.S. border guards, and thereby continue and even escalate this drug war that was started in part by Covington & Burling’s co-founder, James Harry Covington, one time U.S. Congressman from the Maryland eastern shore. You see, Holder is from Covington & Burling, and so is his assistant AG Breuer. And Holder in particular, among his legal practices, represented some pharmaceutical companies- indeed as Covington is perhaps the largest legal representative of much of the pharmaceutical industry. Indeed, with the Controlled Substances Act granting so much power to the USAG, it can be said that the CSA thus so empowers a recent former Covington & Burling attorney who has represented big pharma- so likely guaranteeing a good show at some upcoming Congressional hearing on Fast & Furious.”

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