Saturday, February 27, 2016

About Donald Trump

Previously he invoked against monetary and trade policy that resulted in shipping much of the US economy overseas, particularly to China.  But now he focus upon the low people on the totem pole- Mexican immigrants, while saying about nothing on how the bank system screws the general public, while succeeding at getting others who are relatively low on the totem pole to cheer.

Makes statements about China and infrastructure putting us to shame, as if he would provide a way out of our malaise at getting big projects done.  But when push came to shove, where has he ever spoken in favor of new bridge-tunnel crossings, anywhere, such as in the NY metropolitan region?   Has he ever spoken on any such matters, asides from stating that we somehow can't afford a replacement Tappan Zee Bridge project (and with no mention of where the years of toll monies went)?!

Likewise, he favors eminent domain for private use.  But has be ever spoke in favor of its application for public use?  Such as a new crossing of Long Island Sound that would be opposed by the super wealthy along Long Island's northern coast?   Has he ever opposed such elite types who continually get away with politically bullying, as apparently this?

He once spoke in favor of ending the war of drugs- protecting alcohol and particularly Tobacco from their competition, but now favors its continuation- bucking the overall trend of more and more people favoring its end.

Indeed, his famous statement against Mexican immigrants, speaking of rapists and drug dealers in the same breath hearkens back to the hysteria of the 1980s.

What sort of political dynamics do things as that indicate?

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