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The Death of Angelo Francois Mariani 1914 April 1

Occurred in this house.

Valescure - Villa Mariani
Saint-Raphaël, France

IIRC he died in the morning.

Chas Vermeulen Windsant, Amsterdam the Netherlands, had a spring 1978 epiphany about the April 1, 1914 death of Angelo Francois Mariani.

According to a letter I received from Michael Alderige of the Fitz Hugh Ludlow Libary in October 1987, Windsant had the initial idea in Spring 1978, of a book specifically about the April 1, 1914 death, and that such was strange for having a police report, as such were rare unless foul play was suspected.  The ambiguity of no obvious means of death such as a gunshot wound, and his obvious importance as the popularizer of coca, made me wonder if Mariani was poisoned- and by who?
I subsequently learn more by October 1987 upon contacting Michael and Michelle Aldrich, curators of the Fitz High Ludlow Memorial Library and founder of the early 1970s pro legalization of drugs other than Marijuana group Amorphia. He refers me to an article by a Walter Hefland with Mariani’s full name “Angelo Francois Mariani”.
And he sends me a letter, informing me of the birth and death dates of Mariani, and that a ‘Chas Vermeulen Windsant’ in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, developed an obsession about the Angelo Francois Mariani – Vin Mariani story in the Spring of 1978. In particular, he was interested in that spooky sounding April 1, 1914 dated death: that Windsant was planning a ‘quasi fictional novel on the death’. The death was strange for having a police certificate/report, perhaps suggestive of foul play. And in the absence of anything obvious as say a gunshot or knife wound, this is suggestive that Mariani was poisoned. 
 When I finally met Windsant (or his ‘twin’ brother- I never saw both together) in 1989 or 1990, he got cagey when I asked him about his Spring 1978 epiphany about Mariani and his death for such a ‘quasi fictional novel’, and if this epiphany occurred on the anniversary April 1, 1978; and attempted to deny his specific interest in the death. Yet Windsant would exclaim to me that Mariani was THE central figure, what I would define as the reincarnated Adam, Moses, Abraham, King Arthur or perhaps Benjamin Franklin. Take that together with a death only a few months before the outbreak of the so-called ‘Great War’, one can ask if it was a Camelot gone wrong scenario, something like a Masonic image of the M Figure and the broken column?  For those acknowledging reincarnation, look out for this couple [*], for a mandatory Camelot Ritual.
See more:  http://southmallblogger.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-angel-of-francesca-and-marialuisa.html
No further info yet on who else was in that house, nor any other deaths and/or other strange occurrences there at about that time.

Of course, for those that know the geo-political history of the wars being planned in advance, it was not a Camelot gone wrong, but rather assaulted.  That police report could be interesting.

Windsant's project later became focused upon the Angelo Francois Mariani/Vin Mariani story, and remains ostensibly bottled only to be released when the timing is right for maximum impact.

Symbolically the U.S. Harrison 'Narcotics' Tax Act that altogether banned products containing any amount of cocaine alkaloid without a non refillable prescription, was signed by President Woodrow Wilson on December 17, 1914- Mariani's 1st post death birthday anniversary, him being born in Corsica on that date in 1838.

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  1. "....was signed by President Woodrow Wilson on December 17, 1914- Mariani's 1st post death birthday anniversary, him being born in Corsica on that date in 1838.......".

    Yes this coincidence is likely an occult message. In a short Slovenian tv news service about celebrations on the 100th anniversary of start of WWI, they explained that the world we are living within, as pertain the daily life, would be in-imaginable without the technological and social revolution produced by that world conflict. It was the start of the mass production, also of the evil substances.

    1. Cocaine is in the same family of drugs as caffeine and nicotine- so we have a "war on [certain] drugs to protect those remaining legal - particularly TOBACCO-CIGARETTES, perverting cocaine use akin to getting Coffee drinkers to snort NODOZ caffeine pills.